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I Am a Knife
I am a simple tool
But tonight that's not the case
I will become an instrument of destruction
You will fear my name
With a simple touch from my blade
I will drain your life away
Your eyes will close for eternal slumber
All because I put out your flame
As you lay there 
Covered in your very own shade of red
Gasping for your last breath
I want you to know something
It never was my intention
To cut your life so short
My apologies
It was not my choice to make
For I am just an object
A thing without emotion
But maybe that's a good thing
Because I am just a knife
:iconkittykatkuro923:kittykatkuro923 7 7
Cruel, Beautiful
Amazing, Sickening, Uncertianing
Our very own illusion
:iconkittykatkuro923:kittykatkuro923 7 3
A simple drawing. by kittykatkuro923 A simple drawing. :iconkittykatkuro923:kittykatkuro923 2 4
Terror at the Vocaloid Residence!
    It seemed like just another normal day at Vocaloid manor. Everything and everyone was at peace. However, peace and quiet never lasts for long in that house. The moment of tranquility was soon shattered when a loud shriek was heard coming from the living room and a huge chaos errupts.
Rin Kagamine was alone in the living room, watching her favorite show and eating her way through a fifteen-pound bag of nothing but pure Florida oranges. Well, at least she thought she was alone. Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye she spotted something crawling around the coffee table. She gazed down. Her whole body froze. A big fluffy tarantula happily sat on top of Big Al's Playboy magazine (just enjoying some boobies).She screamed and flung her sack of oranges out of fear. However, she completely missed the spider and the sack went flying across the room. Strangely enough a soft "Owww" was heard. Ignoring the sound, she turned to plan B. When in doubt yell for Len. "LLLLL
:iconkittykatkuro923:kittykatkuro923 4 12
Disappointment doesn't belong here! by kittykatkuro923 Disappointment doesn't belong here! :iconkittykatkuro923:kittykatkuro923 21 9 Doctor Who. by kittykatkuro923 Doctor Who. :iconkittykatkuro923:kittykatkuro923 143 26 Hetalia shipping meme.My ships are weird :/ by kittykatkuro923 Hetalia shipping meme.My ships are weird :/ :iconkittykatkuro923:kittykatkuro923 0 7 Short crappy CUBI comic by kittykatkuro923 Short crappy CUBI comic :iconkittykatkuro923:kittykatkuro923 3 14 Just another day on the internet by kittykatkuro923 Just another day on the internet :iconkittykatkuro923:kittykatkuro923 4 3 Vocaloid Oliver drawing. yup by kittykatkuro923 Vocaloid Oliver drawing. yup :iconkittykatkuro923:kittykatkuro923 9 3 Ame from Ookami kodomo no Ame To Yuki by kittykatkuro923 Ame from Ookami kodomo no Ame To Yuki :iconkittykatkuro923:kittykatkuro923 6 1 GOOGLE POWERS ACTIVATE!!!! by kittykatkuro923 GOOGLE POWERS ACTIVATE!!!! :iconkittykatkuro923:kittykatkuro923 34 9 How 'bout a nice cup of caring? by kittykatkuro923 How 'bout a nice cup of caring? :iconkittykatkuro923:kittykatkuro923 11 3 Feferi Peixes by kittykatkuro923 Feferi Peixes :iconkittykatkuro923:kittykatkuro923 4 2 Creepy midget by kittykatkuro923 Creepy midget :iconkittykatkuro923:kittykatkuro923 7 1 Flambo by kittykatkuro923 Flambo :iconkittykatkuro923:kittykatkuro923 3 0
Some art and stuff, you know the usual :/ Enjoy~


I will always remember...[desktop/phone wallpaper] by concentrisity I will always remember...[desktop/phone wallpaper] :iconconcentrisity:concentrisity 2 0 Spiritual by redeyehare Spiritual :iconredeyehare:redeyehare 4,575 110 Have a NICE BIRTHDAY! by Ruri0san Have a NICE BIRTHDAY! :iconruri0san:Ruri0san 16 1 Hamatora Wallpaper by Rapto0r Hamatora Wallpaper :iconrapto0r:Rapto0r 56 2 Outside influences project Fashion edition 2 by Harpyimages Outside influences project Fashion edition 2 :iconharpyimages:Harpyimages 4,305 874 WTNV: I'm a scientist! by ShiniVasyenka WTNV: I'm a scientist! :iconshinivasyenka:ShiniVasyenka 36 8 This party SUCKS by Lansoh This party SUCKS :iconlansoh:Lansoh 146 15 Corpse Party Rock Anthem: Everyday I'm Suffering by Airwaveson Corpse Party Rock Anthem: Everyday I'm Suffering :iconairwaveson:Airwaveson 551 232 Color Wheel by PemaMendez Color Wheel :iconpemamendez:PemaMendez 1,713 106 How to draw a head in profile by Theophilia How to draw a head in profile :icontheophilia:Theophilia 1,218 218 Barong Saya by TobixChanxSempai Barong Saya :icontobixchanxsempai:TobixChanxSempai 8 2 (spoilers)Shitty Dangan Ronpa Comic #3 by Chradi (spoilers)Shitty Dangan Ronpa Comic #3 :iconchradi:Chradi 490 41 Enter the Mushroom Kingdom by theCHAMBA Enter the Mushroom Kingdom :iconthechamba:theCHAMBA 27,446 2,465 AGENT XERO by blushingbats AGENT XERO :iconblushingbats:blushingbats 26 1 Madness Of Duke Venomania by ladycastilla Madness Of Duke Venomania :iconladycastilla:ladycastilla 21 21 Steampunk Homestuck by Totalmangaka Steampunk Homestuck :icontotalmangaka:Totalmangaka 59 2


I see what you are trying to do here and I think you are on the right path! I would like to advice you however to straighten out the li...

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Well I was born and Stuff happened.

Keep it grooving!!!  :iconyeahplz: :iconlingdanceplz: :iconcatdanceplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconkiritosmileplz: :iconlinkdanceplz: :iconbananadanceplz: :icondogdanceplz: :iconimhighplz: :iconclapplz: :iconcatbugplz: :icondancingplz: :iconhellyeahplz: :iconrussiarollplz: :icondancingswedenplz: :icondancingjakeplz: :iconpopipoplz: :iconkaitopopipoplz: :iconlenpopipoplz: :iconrinpopipoplz:  :icontetopopipoplz: :iconnerupopipoplz: :iconlukapopipoplz: :iconiggydanceplz: :iconkiralaughplz: :iconchickendanceplz: :iconbrianpbjtimeplz: :iconslendydanceplz: :iconmeowthdanceplz: :iconraichudanceplz: :iconminundanceplz: :icondelcattydanceplz: :iconlucywaveplz: :iconmotherofgod-plz: :iconlemongrabplz: :iconsupertighthugplz: :iconcblushplz: :iconblushplz: :iconamericahappyspazzplz: :iconcryforeverplz: :iconthrowplz: :icontheherrisdatplz: :icon2204355plz: :iconletmehugyouplz: :icongetsomeplz: :iconoldschoolownedplz: :iconstephencolbertomgplz: :iconpatpatplz: :iconepicclapplz: :iconmoneyplz: :iconkakapoplz: :iconscrollingderpplz: :iconpelvicthrustplz: :icondoctordanceplz: :icondwcar2plz: :icondoctorwinkplz: :icondoctorfacepalmplz: :icondwcar1plz: :iconishipitplz:
I haven't been really using this account lately since I'm mostly on Tumblr now. Plus, looking at this page makes me want to cringe super hard, because I made it during my Weeb phase. Ugh. I just shudder looking at some of my really old posts. I've thought about deactivating, but I still kind of like using this site. I even have some decent art (I've improved tons) I want to post when I get it back. I think I'll just start a new account, but I'm not really sure what to do with this one. I'm thinking about just deactivating it, but I also kind of want to leave it up just for kicks. I don't know. Does anyone have anything to say before I make a choice?
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Um......HI. Its been a while since we last talked!
kittykatkuro923 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Oh, hello! Sorry it took me such a long time to reply! I've been a little preoccupied with somethings. I believe we haven't actually talked one-on-one a lot; is there an exact reason to such a sudden greeting? I don't mean to be on such defense. It's just kind off odd getting a greeting from someone you wouldn't actaully expect to randomly pop by and say 'Hi'. I'm sorry if I sound too defensive.  :(
AlphaMoxley95 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, i'm pretty unpredictable. I've been doing that to lot to people i haven't spoken too in a while. ^^
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(o.o)/ i wasnt on to tell u happy b day so
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